Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard

Best Charlottesville Portrait Locations


July 29, 2022

There’s no doubt that there’s no lack of gorgeous locations in Charlottesville for portrait sessions. But which one is best for you?

Well, to find the answer to that question there are a few things you might want to consider.

  1. Are you prepared to pay a venue permit fee? Most venues have restrictions and permits that are required before visiting.
  2. Do you have a preference for the time of day your portrait session is held?
  3. Have you considered recreating a “date night” or meeting at a location you both love, like a library or a coffee shop?
  4. Do you prefer classic architecture or Mother Nature?

A lot of the couples we work with have no idea where to begin when it comes to planning their portrait session location. That’s okay, though! Let us help!

Pippin Hill Farm + Vineyard

Pippin Hill is a beautiful vineyard nestled in the mountains near Charlottesville, VA offering everything from private cooking classes and garden tours to fully catered meals, wine tastings, and weddings. Featured food trucks make themselves available on Mondays, too. There are numerous options for portrait opportunities here, from a date-night inspired portrait session to a romantic walk in the vines.

Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard

Gardens at Waterperry Farm

Just 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville, you can’t beat the gorgeous greenery, florals, and mountain views at the Gardens at Waterperry Farm. A great location for any couple with a love for the outdoors, and showcasing the beauty of Charlottesville. If Waterperry Farm is your dream location, please be aware that they require a $200 permit fee for up to 2 hours of portrait time. (Follow the link above for booking information.)

Carter Mountain Orchard

This is a great location for making a date night out of your portrait session! Depending on the season, you can pick apples or peaches. They have the best dessert and drink options, ranging from ice cream and apple cider donuts to beers and wine slushies. The orchards have endless fruit trees and incredible views overlooking the city.

University of Virginia (Rotunda & Gardens)

UVA has immaculate grounds and historical architecture that lends itself to one of the most iconic portrait locations in our area. If your heart speaks to the history and the pride that UVA brings to Charlottesville, VA then you may want to seriously consider the rotunda or garden spaces for your next portrait session.

Ravens Roost Overlook

This is one of the most popular outlooks along the Blue Ridge Mountains for two reasons: the mountain views and easy access! There’s no hiking required to get there. We can drive right up to the overlook, so you can dress up and get amazing mountain views!

Raven's Roost Overlook

Events at Grelen

Grelen has become a popular destination for engagement shoots!  There is no charge for couples getting married at Grelen.  For those getting married at another venue, engagement shoots are free during business hours (10am – 4pm Wed. – Sun.) and $50 per hour for use after hours.

James Monroe’s Highland

Whether you’re shooting engagement photos or family portraits, our grounds offer a variety of outdoor locations to capture your special moment. If you are interested in having your photography session at Highland please contact us ahead of time to make an appointment. There is a $50.00 fee for photography sessions held at Highland.

This list of portrait locations just scratches the surface of all of the beautiful places that you can visit. Check back often for regular updates to our list!

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