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Hello, I’m Amanda. At the heart of my process, I believe in being a calming presence who gives you room to be the most genuine version of yourself in front of my camera, gently guiding you with prompts while capturing sophisticated portraits and true moments.


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I carry the wisdom gleaned from each of these experiences into all subsequent events, equipping me to become an expert to guide clients seamlessly through the wedding photography process. My brides value organization and have a vetted collaborative team. I work alongside clients and their planners to curate event timelines that maximize guest interaction. The guests present are the priority to my clients. 

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It took losing everything… possessions, photos, and heirlooms… for me to connect deeply with the meaning and intention behind documenting our lives. These moments matter. More than things, life is in the living and the gift is in the present.

When I’m not serving my clients, you can find me tending to the good gifts in my life; my family (my husband of fourteen years and our children). Raising bees, cultivating gardens, and tending a flock of chickens brings me immeasurable joy as we build upon the acreage of our property nestled beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains.

My business is a phoenix story, literally born of ashes after a devastating fire in my home...

I am able to create my best work when an element of trust is established in my client relationships. My clients view me as an expert in my craft, and this allows me to serve them well because I have the creative freedom to do so. This trust also allows them the vulnerability to be their genuine selves in front of my camera, allowing me to deliver a final collection of photographs at the end of the experience that they can truly see themselves within. 



This is a touchpoint in every step of my client process, from the mediums I use to create imagery to the heirloom products I offer



At the core of who I am, it’s the people who matter. I am intuitive to relationships and it’s always a goal to have them represented in my clients’ collections. I know, more than anything, that this visual story will be shared with generations and that knowledge is at the forefront of the decisions I make along the way while serving my clients. 





therefore, my business is founded on these

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During Covid, when people’s dreams were being crushed and life as we knew it was changing, Amanda’s selflessness made there one less devastated bride-to-be in this world. I highly recommend Amanda for her quality work, and her ability to handle last-minute changes and adjustments.

She is the type of calm, understanding human being you want with you.

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