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One of my most favorite things to do before a styled portrait session is to plan inspiration boards on Pinterest and dream about all of the beautiful details I’m about to photograph. While I don’t like working strictly from a Pinterest board to attempt at recreating something there, I DO like having a board I can glance at to keep myself on track of the vision of the shoot. Our upcoming Motherhood Portrait session isn’t any different.

Lindsay from LuLuEdward Photography reached out to me several weeks ago with her own vision in mind and we started to talk about how we were going to photograph the newest member of her growing family. She’s a dear friend of mine and we both share similar aesthetic in our work, so it was very easy for me to jump in and know what she wanted out of her portraits. In the past it was also extremely easy for me to reach for my digital camera just out of sheer instant gratification. But for Lindsay, I wanted the best. I wanted to slow down, soak in the little squeaks of their newborn, and capture these images with the grain and detail that only film can capture.

We’re quickly running towards the end of our planning because baby will be here in only 3 days. And once their film scans arrive she’ll have first glance at her little love before anyone else does. But you bet your butt that I’ll be blogging and sharing all of the delicious newness that is a brand new baby, after they’ve had a chance to see their images.

In the meantime, Lindsay has carefully curated her family’s outfits and has dreamed of the day she gets to snuggle with her little family of 6 while we document these fresh summer days on film. And while she’s busy nesting and packing her hospital bag I’m also doing a little bit of planning on my own. Film stock has been chosen, my own bags have been packed, and a brand new Pinterest board for Motherhood Portraits has been created just for her.

film photography motherhood inspiration board


And now we wait for the arrival of their precious little one.

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