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October 25, 2023

I’ve written several helpful blog posts for photographers that involve boosting their SEO. The most popular ones are about how to force Facebook to scrape your URL and how to optimize your YouTube channel for keywords. And even though it’s been quite some time since I shared anything in regards to SEO boosting activities for photographers, I still fully believe in the process and the magic it can bring your business if you do it right.

If you’re new here, my name is Amanda and I am a wedding photographer who has taken a deep dive into SEO for 13 years. Before we moved to Virginia I ranked on page 1 of Google and Bing searches for my area. Now that I’m here in Virginia, I’m currently ranking on page 2 – which isn’t bad considering how competitive it is to rank for Charlottesville Wedding Photographer. (And I won’t stop until I hit page 1!)

Our move to a new state was the catalyst that brought me back to SEO. The future of my business relies heavily on whether or not people can find me. If they don’t know I’m here, I don’t exist, in their minds. And I can’t fault anyone but myself for that.

So what kinds of tools am I currently using that helped me move from being a nobody in my brand new area, to now sitting on page 2 of Google for my main keyword, and consistently improving my rank?

Let me tell you!

WatersEdge wedding in Charlottesville Virginia

Google My Business

If you’re setting up SEO for your business, this is one of the very first tools you should take advantage of. When we moved to Charlottesville, VA from Maryland this was the absolute most difficult thing for me to get done. Google requires that you verify your business via a postcard in the mail, scheduling a video chat with them, or sending them other proof of ownership and location of your business. For some reason, none of these options were available to me, other than the postcard option. I tried and tried for months to get a postcard. Nothing.

After going back and forth with Google to verify my move, they finally got on a video chat with me. That same day I was officially verified and my Google page rankings immediately shifted.

Pro Advice: Once your account is verified by Google, check back on a regular basis and add images, social links, and respond to reviews! Keep it up-to-date!


Guys. This one’s brand new. Like so new that it still has that “new car” smell.

The done-for-you SEO service and online directory listings (which Google GA-4 is now putting emphasis on), are enough to make this one worth it. But that’s not all you get!

Expect to automate Google reviews, manage your social media messenger accounts in one single location, get a business phone number so you don’t have to give out your personal one, and say goodbye to paying for Calendly. And that’s just scratching the surface.

If you want to give Choozie a whirl, click here to let them know I sent you.


I’ve been using Ubersuggest for years and it hasn’t let me down. It’s shown me broken links, URL redirects, and website pages that need my attention. Not only does it regularly scan my website for those things, but it tells me how to fix them, and which ones have the most SEO impact so I know what to focus on first.

Ubersuggest helps me see what backlinks I have built, what keyword opportunities I should focus on, where I rank for those keywords, and even what my competitors are ranking for. This service also now has a brand new AI feature that helps you to write blog posts targeting specific keywords, keeping your ranking and growth in mind.

If you own a creative small business chances are you’ve done at least some minimal work on your website’s SEO. The tools listed above will definitely help you dive a little deeper than just the surface work involved in ranking your website. I hope this is helpful to get you started!

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