If you are searching for a wedding photographer - and you're overwhelmed by the choices - you're not alone. Because you're likely seeing portfolios you like. Probably some you really like. But you don't know how to choose the best photographer for you and your fiancè - fear of making the wrong decision is holding you back.

Here's why: you're about to hire someone who needs to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and knows when to step back and let the natural flow of your wedding day unfold.

That's where we come in.  We've mastered the art of knowing exactly when to step in to provide gentle direction, and when to become an observer. The results are always classic images of the perfect mix of candid and formal moments. 

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Amanda Adams Photography provides a custom experience, including some surprises along the way. We help you with everything from styling for your engagement session to feeling comfortable in front of the camera.


Our consultation will guarantee you have exactly what you need for your wedding day. We would love to talk with you and your fiancé

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You won't see trendy editing styles or cheesy posing positions, here. We always focus on providing you with timeliness, beautiful images that you can cherish for years to come. Your final wedding gallery is designed with intention and purpose in a  fast-changing, trendy industry.   

This means we pay attention to details. The care we take in the process of working closely with you will not only help us get to know you as a couple, but we also get to know your family so we don't feel like strangers on the day of your wedding. We've dotted every "i" and crossed every "t".

All of our client's memories are protected. Period. Our family understands what it's like to live through a tragedy that robbed us of any documentation of the first 7 years of our son's life. Technology is also constantly changing. Loss happens. We're here to provide our clients with reassurance that the memories we captured are kept safe for up to 5 years after their wedding date.

We don't disappear after your contract is signed. Throughout your planning process we will be in constant contact with your wedding planner (if you're working with one) and you. Our expert level of help and support is always a quick call away. We support our couples with multiple touch-points throughout your planning and you're never left wondering "what next".

Our work is always timeless.

We're committed to connecting with you.

Your memories are protected. 

We guide you through your planning.

"She has such a calming and kind personality, which only made our wedding day more memorable. Our photos are stunning!"

- Kevin + Keri


I have learned that every wedding is unique. And because every couple has a dream wishlist for what they envision their wedding photography to be, I like to book a quick 10-15 minute phone call so I can get your details for a custom proposal. Each proposal is created with your style and needs in mind. After our initial call I will create your proposal and we'll meet to go over it together.


Absolutely! This is what makes our initial phone call so important. (And fun!) Each proposal is customized just for you. And if you see something in your proposal you want changed (or added) I will work closely with you until it's exactly how you want it. 

Once you've chosen which package you'd like to book in your proposal (you're provided two to choose from), I will email you access to your Client Portal where you'll sign your contract and pay your deposit. Deposits to secure dates on my calendar are 30% of your package total. Immediately after your signed contract and deposit are received, your date is booked!

I've been in business for 12 years and have posed hundreds of couples. Because I believe that your portrait time will be more enjoyable when you're relaxed and focused on each other, I do my best to work with couples from a slight distance. I provide direction when I see that it's needed, and the best photographs are produced when the couple trusts me to capture them in their element with their fiancé.

How can I get access to your pricing?

Are your proposals customized?

How can I book my date?

What is your approach to posing us for portraits?

After confirming your timeline with you or your wedding planner, I transfer it to my Apple Watch before we arrive. Once the transfer is made, my Watch will continue to alert me throughout the day to make sure we stay on time. There have been MANY weddings I've photographed that have run over schedule and it's been up to me to help move things forward quickly to catch up. Don't worry about your timeline! Your wedding planner and I will make sure that you are where you need to be as your wedding day unfolds.

For more information how I do this, check out this blog post!

How is our timeline managed throughout the day?

It's become a habit of mine to watch the weather forecasts really closely the week leading up to your wedding day. And I've photographed numerous gorgeous weddings on days when it was raining. Although it might not be something we want to happen, I can certainly make sure your photographs are still beautiful. The clear umbrellas I keep in the trunk of my car (enough for you and your bridal party) helps with this. For more information for preparing for a rainy-day wedding, check out my blog post, here

How do you approach a rainy-day wedding?

Rehearsal Dinner

We understand that some of our clients desire their entire wedding weekend experience captured. Thankfully, we love a full wedding weekend!

Receive a gallery full of specially curated portraits and blissful candid moments. Relive the beauty of your surroundings and the special people you chose to be there.

We believe in being a calming presence who gently guides you while capturing killer portraits and the quiet, candid in-between moments - so relax, and be present during your wedding day and let us do the work.

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We have been trusted by hundreds of couples and families to document the moments that mean the most to them. Here's our invitation for you to experience the joy that's captured when you're comfortable with your photographer.