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The Workday Spotify Playlist Bundle

June 7, 2017

I have a tendency to jump from one project to another without realizing it. I also do this with open tabs on my browser windows. (Squirrel!) And because I know this about myself I try to do what I can to limit distractions during the day. Especially if I’m working on something that needs my full attention. I can’t work with Netflix on in the background, the radio playing, – nothing. I need quiet to think.


However, I do have days when I’m able to crank the music and dance around in my chair. These days are usually days that don’t require much thinking and it’s more or less muscle memory type of work.

  • Editing
  • Organizing the office
  • Filing
  • Paying bills
  • Cleaning the house


These are the days when having a Spotify Playlist is the best way to keep me productive – or even slow me down when I need to feel a bit more calm. Over the past several months I’ve been putting my playlists to the test and I hope you find these links just a joyful as I have found them to be!


workday playlists


A Playlist for your Commute

I work in my home office now, but I remember the days commuting to work every morning. The ride into DC and the metro transit situation was always a bit stressful and almost always longer than I would like it to be. If you find yourself needing a playlist to chill out to in the mornings while you’re headed in to start your day, here’s your AM Playlist.


The afternoons are a different kind of beast! You and everyone around you has just clocked out and you’re headed home to kick up your feet for the night, start your weekend, or heading out with friends. You’re going to want a playlist to get you out of the funk the workday probably left you in. Enjoy this one for your PM Commute.

Chill Out & Sip Your Coffee

You’re now in the office and you grabbed the first cup of coffee of the day. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want much people interaction until after you’ve had your fuel and got your bearings straight. You’ve maybe checked email, looked at your calendar, you have a good idea of what meetings & projects you have to prepare for. Take a listen to this playlist while you’re figuring out what your day will look like.


Gear Up for Some Major Productivity with #ThrowbackThursday

You’ve hit your groove and you’re ready to tackle your projects. Let’s dive in.

You’re Ready to Zen Out

It’s been quite a day already and you just want to relax and rest your brain. You know you still need to crank out a project you’ve been working on but all of the noise around you has just been too much. Sink into your chair and get ready for some relaxing brain power.



You’ve Busted Your Butt – TGIF, Baby!

Explicit lyrics just aren’t appropriate for the office. But you can certainly plug in your earbuds and head to the metro station! You’ve worked hard all week long and it’s time to kick off your heels for the weekend.