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As a bride or groom, have you ever found yourself wondering what happens AFTER your photos are captured by your photographer? Well, I’m here to show you! RAW photos are what photographers call the unedited version of the images captured during your session or wedding day. These files are raw data the camera records when […]

Editing Photographs: What Happens After Photos Are Captured

before and after editing photo in Lightroom

Last night I spent a while texting with my younger sister, who is an ER nurse on the front lines of this outbreak. There’s no doubt that I’ve been worried about her and her husband since the news of the virus hit the airwaves. I’ve always admired her for the work that she does – […]

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One-for-One Gratitude Sessions for Essential Workers

Downtown Charleston South Carolina Engagement Portraits

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Did you also know that you can now share images to Instagram without having to use your smartphone?! Well, you can! And it’s easy!

How to Post to Instagram from Your Desktop

While Lindsay is busy nesting and packing her hospital bag I’m also doing a little bit of planning on my own. Film stock has been chosen, my own bags have been packed, and a brand new Pinterest board for Motherhood Portraits has been created just for her. 

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Motherhood Portraits | Film Photography Inspiration

film photography motherhood inspiration board

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Our workflow and routine is one that we follow with every single one of our couple’s wedding days in mind. Having such an organized routine has not only helped calm my nerves and lessen the risk of forgetting something important, but it has also helped us stay ahead of our wedding day schedules.

Wedding Day Prep | The Day Before & Day Of

Today’s quick tutorial will show you exactly how to add questions to Facebook Group requests. Doing this will help you vet those who are trying to access the content you’re sharing, and will help you weed out any bots or people with malicious intent. Facebook recently made this feature available to use a little more than 6 months ago, so I’m sure you’ve seen it in use already. But you might be having some issues figuring out how to do this yourself. Let me show you how!

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How to Add Questions to a Facebook Group Request

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If you’re just getting into the industry or want to learn what it’s like to be a full time wedding photographer; or if you’re a wedding photographer who just doesn’t want the demand of editing and booking his/her own weddings; or if you’re a professional photographer looking to subsidize your photography business income – then maybe you want to consider becoming a second shooter.

How to Become a Fearless Second Shooter

fearless second shooter

Unless you’re an avid LinkedIn user, you probably have never heard of Pulse. In fact, only recently has this been something I’ve learned of myself. You see, I’m constantly trying to learn more about social media optimization in order to boost my ranking with SERP’s (search engine results pages). And during one of my recent […]

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How To Use LinkedIn Pulse to Rank with Google

use linkedin pulse to drive traffic

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There are days when having a Spotify Playlist is the best way to keep me productive – or even slow me down when I need to feel a bit more calm. Over the past several months I’ve been putting my playlists to the test and I hope you find these links just a joyful as I have found them to be!

The Workday Spotify Playlist Bundle

workday playlists



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