Kate and Rob’s wedding at Walker’s Overlook was absolutely breathtaking. One knew instantly the care and love they put into planning every little detail. From the bride's simple silver flats to the perfectly tailored navy suits of the groomsmen, it all complimented their venue beautifully.



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October is like – WOAH! | Maryland Wedding Photographer

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Yesterday I decided to share a beautiful wedding on the blog instead of giving a weekend update. So this morning I wanted to write a quick blog post to tell you all where we are in terms of what’s going on this month, what we have planned coming up soon, and wrapping up a few year-end topics. Just a quick PSA – October is like WOAH! No kidding.

I posted a quick status update on Facebook not too long ago, as I know most of my clients and potential clients follow me there. I want to keep everyone in the loop as far as delivery dates and mailing packages go. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of my business operation that I would be as transparent as possible with my clients, and still maintain a turn-around time that falls within my contracted promises. So instead of a simple Facebook status update that might not even fall into your newsfeed (let’s face it, Facebook is making it a bit harder to be seen) I wanted to post a fast update on where things fall month.

This month we…

have five weddings booked, four engagement sessions, one family portrait session, and multiple consultations. Now that we’re already half way through October (WAH?!) some of those have come and gone. But we’re still shooting very regularly, and will continue to do so until the beginning of November. We’re also currently working closely with two extremely talented designers/photographers to create a brand new website for us. This project has been on-going for months now and we’re hoping to launch some wonderful surprises for you guys soon! LOTS of love and planning has gone into this project and we’re dying to launch. But we still have a lot of work ahead of us before we can do that. In the middle of branding refresh we’ve also been updating a lot of our marketing materials, including our wedding magazine, our client welcome guide, and everything else that has our new logo on it. This has also been a labor of love! Right now I’m the only one in the office working on these items so it’s been a challenge keeping up with the changes and trying to roll everything out so it all flows seamlessly. Regardless of the work that’s already been done, I still have several items that haven’t been completed yet. We’re also gearing up to fly out of the state for our first destination wedding at the end of this month!!! We’re absolutely thrilled for this opportunity and can’t wait to board that plane! But with travel comes lots of planning and packing – and several days away from the office.

We’re also editing. Packaging boxes for delivery. Answering emails and inquiries. Writing blog posts. Managing our social media accounts. And generally running our wonderful business! In other words, if we’re not out shooting or meeting with clients, we’re in front of the computer.

October is…

colorful, exciting, crisp, and THE busiest month of the year for photographers. (Next to June. LOL!) So far this month we’ve seen some of the most gorgeous weddings with deep and rich colors and blushing brides excited to meet their grooms at the end of the aisle. Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. And all of these beautiful weddings just makes it that much more wonderful, in my eyes.

Because we have SO much going on this month, every bit of grace and patience you extend us is EXTREMELY appreciated and dually noted. Trust us, we are working as fast as our caffeinated fingers will move. And all items due will be delivered within our contracted dates.

We’re working on…

getting everything out and delivered before the Thanksgiving holiday. Our last wedding of the year is on November 7th and then we’re going out of town for several days the week after. However, we have set a personal goal for us to have everything wrapped up and delivered before Thanksgiving. We’re also working on wrapping up our brand refresh, including our website and marketing materials. We’re also gearing up to launch an extra special surprise that I’m saving for later! In the midst of keeping everything moving smoothly we’re also working on developing a new accounting system in order to track our accounts for taxes and run reports at the end of the year. We’ve clearly outgrown our current system and we’re upgrading several systems to keep up with you guys. AND (big announcement!!) this winter we’ll be training our intern, Denise!!!

We’re completely blown away and constantly thankful for the direction we’re heading and we know that 2016 is right around the corner. In order to make sure everything is delivered on time and our systems run smoothly we have a lot to put in place. I’m apologizing now if it takes us a little longer than normal to reply to email requests!! At the moment, I’m a one-woman-show until I can get Denise in the swing of things.

Happy Tuesday, all!!! Let’s do this!

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