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Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. Today, my daughter started running a mild fever. Along with her fever came the runny nose, constant sneezing, and some coughing. We’re officially down for the count!

Homemade Shower Bombs for Colds & Flu

Ultimately, I learned a really valuable lesson this weekend. No matter how much code I added to my website, no matter how many new plugins I found, no matter how often I ran tests on my website – it wasn’t ever going to be 100% perfect. BUT I still got a thrill when I fixed a problem, until I uncovered another problem that was connected to the first problem I thought I fixed.

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When Researching a Problem Uncovers a TON More

website speed tests and how to fix it

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You may have noticed that flatlay photography is on the rise and the way IG account holders are using these types of images is quite creative. People have been using them in a way to solidify their brand while sharing announcements, promoting their content, or encouraging interaction with their followers.

Background Options for Instagram Flatlays

iphone marble flatlay

A couple weeks ago I saw an article circulating through Facebook about a brand new update that Instagram just rolled out to Android users. However, it was still in the beta phase for iPhone users and only a few select people had access to this update. I didn’t want to jump the gun and get too excited over this update. But I’ll admit I spent a lot of time checking my settings on my IG account to see if I was given the beta update.

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How to Switch Instagram Accounts Without Logging Out

Instagram's New Update

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Hopefully, these tips will help you prepare for your portraits, no matter who you chose to capture them. And keep in mind that part of my portrait service is to help you prepare!

Client Tips: How to Prepare for Your Portraits

St. Leonard Maryland Photographer

Recently, SEO has been a hot topic with photographers and there seems to be a mad dash to the first page of Google. Some of us have even paid big bucks for someone else to set this up for us. All of the hype surrounding SEO is for good reason! Studies have shown that 75% […]

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Basic SEO for Photographers | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Annapolis Maryland Engagement

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve noticed a huge shift for small businesses.  Recently, with the unwanted changes made to Facebook feeds, the surfacing of dirty facts (people are paying for “likes” and ads – only to be duped into believing they’re reaching real, valuable audiences) and the impact that this […]

Jump on the Google+ Bandwagon

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