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How To Create Your Killer Wedding Hashtag

For Brides


One thing that I really enjoy seeing is how creative my couples are with their wedding hashtags! My brides have come up with hashtags for their bachelorette parties, their showers, and of course for the BIG DAY. Hashtags are everywhere and honestly, I don’t think there’s an easier way to let your guests follow in on the fun than providing them with a unique hashtag that’s meant just for you.

So, I started wondering how in the world my couples were able to come up with such unique ideas. Some of these hashtags were so awesome that I started thinking that my hashtag game was way off. (Because there’s no way I could have come up with something so creative on my own.) I needed some help, so I went straight to the source.

All #AAPBrides have access to a private and secure Facebook group that only they have access to. Our group has become a place where they can jump in to ask each other questions about vendors, or vent about their wedding planning stresses. It’s a safe place to share stories and celebrate with each other, too. And this group of ladies have also become a huge resource for me as well. Whenever I have a question for them I can easily jump in there to ask something (like “HOW do you ladies come up with such creative hashtag ideas?”) and I know I’ll get a flood of responses.

Here is a list of replies I got straight from the blushing brides who have gotten married this year! And I have to admit, there’s one reply that really surprised me!

How to create a KILLER wedding hashtag that represents you well!

How to Choose a Creative Wedding Hashtag

  1. Dates. Consider choosing a hashtag with your wedding date in it. If you’re having a hard time finding a hashtag that hasn’t already been taken then consider using your wedding date. This may actually help you create a tag that’s yours and yours only! How about a hashtag like, #HappilyEverAtkins2016.
  2. Rhyme time. Using some kind of related factor with your hashtag and rhyming it can bring out a really creative option that someone may not have used already. Try thinking of tags like, #BetterOffFedderoff or #StewPartyOf2 or #CarlAndSueSayIDo.
  3. Venue or location. Using your venue or the name of your wedding’s state/city may actually help your hashtag to get more reach! If you’re all about sharing your big day with as many people as possible, this is a great way to reach them as it pushes your images into your venue’s audience. Here are some fun examples I’ve seen, #BakersInTheBarn or #TheDarlingsDoDC.
  4. Use his last name (or even your first names, if it fits). A lot of my brides this year have opted for a fun way to include their names in their hashtags. Some of them are #NowFeaturingtheFlemings (Fleming is their last name), #HappiLeighRich (her first name is Leigh and his last name is Rich), #ToTheWindowToTheHals (Hals is the bride’s nickname and this was her bachelorette weekend hashtag) and their wedding hashtag is #SoonToBeSawyers (using his last name), or maybe using his last name like #SweetHartWedding, just to share a few.Maryland Military Americana Themed Wedding
  5. Puns and play-on-words. Last year the majority of the wedding vendors I knew were a bit worried for their October weddings because of hurricane Joaquin. I’ll never forget that weekend! We did get quite a bit of rain and wind that day but we were one of the blessed ones and were still able to do an outdoor First Look and capture their bridal party & romantic images outdoors with some creativity and umbrellas. But another factor that made that weekend so memorable was the hashtag #StillJoaquinDownTheAisle. Seriously! That was the BEST hashtag I’ve ever seen!! And if you can be punny with your hashtag by making light of something like the weather, you’ve WON. Another one that I found particularly creative was #MorganHeBargainedFor!
  6. SURPRISE! Hashtag generator. Maybe I’m way late to the game here, but I honestly had no idea there were hashtag generators until my brides told me. I probably shouldn’t have admitted that, but oh well…too late. Here are some of our favorites!!


Wedding Wire Hashtag Generator
eWedding Hashtag Generator
My Wedding Aide Hashtag Generator

Now that we’ve talked about how to create a killer wedding hashtag, I’m dying to hear what yours was when you were married! Comment below and let us know what it was and how you chose it!

Written By: Amanda Adams, Fine Art Maryland Wedding Photographer. She currently resides in Maryland with her husband, two children, and her long-haired miniature dachshund, Murphy. When she’s not working you can almost always find her curled up with a good book and a hot mug of coffee.

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