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A couple weeks ago I was laying in bed scrolling through Pinterest (like I do almost every night) and I came across a pin that caught my eye. It was a blog post discussing Chrome Extensions and which ones might be worth loading. I have a few extensions like Google Mail Checker, Buffer, and Lenstag Rescue (read more about Lenstag here) but I was still curious to see which ones I might benefit from using.

Curiosity caught the best of me and as I was reading through the post I found one extension that interested me, called Honey. I loaded it. And then I forgot about it.

Weeks went by and I was online getting ready to purchase some new Julep nail polish for spring and BAM, without notice a window popped up from Honey’s Chrome Extension telling me it located 78 possible coupon codes. Without me having to do anything it automatically started running the codes through my cart. A few short minutes later the extension chose the coupon code that would give me the highest savings.

I was shocked!

Honey Chrome Extension for coupon codes that will save you money!

First, I had completely forgotten about this extension and didn’t know WHAT was going on when I saw it pop up on my screen. Second, I was surprised that it ended up saving me $12.00 off of my order! And I didn’t have to do a thing!

Honey Chrome Extension for coupon codes that will save you money!

My spending habits mostly happen online. We’ve purchased furniture online, a lot of my clothes are purchased online, most of my photography gear and office supplies are purchased online…it’s actually a wonder I don’t purchase my groceries online! (And I probably would if they offered PeaPod in my area!) So having this little extension may just end up saving me big bucks this year.

I haven’t had the extension long enough to test whether or not it will help me save on business expenses, but I’m sure if there’s a coupon code available for an item this extension will pick up on it and let me know!

I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Are you using this extension and have saved boat loads of money? Have you never heard of this and are curious to give it a try? I would love to hear your story. Just leave a quick comment below letting me know what you think!


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