These glass jars are 8oz in volume, or 1/2 pint. Each jar contains raw unfiltered honey foraged and created in Southern Maryland by our bees. 

About this purchase:
- Harvested spring 2021 from Queen Ramona's hive
- All honey is raw, locally foraged by our own bees, and is unfiltered
- Contains local bee pollen  
- Local pick up available
- DO NOT feed to babies or children under the age of 1 year old

Bees are responsible for the pollination of the majority of crops as well as wildflowers. To make honey, a worker bee has to fly from plant to plant collecting nectar. As it does, it also collects pollen to take back to the hive as food, and extra pollen collects in the fine hairs on its body. As the bee moves between plants, it leaves behind some pollen on each one, fertilizing them and helping the environment flourish.

Because bees are so good at pollinating, much of the ecosystem relies on them. Without their hard work, crops such as almonds, berries, apples, and various types of beans would disappear.

We're here to help.



8oz jar southern maryland raw unfiltered honey