Fresh and Fun Engagement in Southern Maryland

May 20, 2021

Meet Cierra and Brian! They are another couple I’ve worked with for the past year that have experienced their lives being upturned by the pandemic. But one big difference between them and my other couples is that they’re already married. In fact, they were married before they contacted me to photograph their wedding. (That may sound a little confusing, huh?)

My own husband and I planned our wedding celebration out much in the same way that Brian and Cierra did with theirs. So when they explained to me that they were planning a celebration their friends and family could attend, I knew exactly where their hearts were.

So while their engagement in Southern Maryland might be approached in the same way an engaged couple would approach theirs, it technically wasn’t an “engagement” session. They’ve settled into the comfort of marriage and admiration of each other years ago. And I do believe the solace they find in each other shines through their portraits.

I can say with confidence that I was more than ready to break out of the house and meet with Cierra and Brian for their portrait session. It’s time to celebrate love and the lives that we’re building together and I am extremely excited for their upcoming wedding. They’ve been waiting a long time for this!

Congratulations, you two!!!

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