we know you're probably overwhelmed with all of the information, let us help

While planning your wedding, I'm sure you can think of a ton of questions that Google won't be able to answer for you. That's why this page was created. The past 10 years in business have allowed me some unique insight on what you should know about your photography experience before investing in it.




I have learned that every wedding is unique. And because every couple has a dream wishlist for what they envision their wedding photography to be, I like to book a quick 10-15 minute phone call so I can get your details for a custom proposal. Each proposal is created with your style and needs in mind. After our initial call I will create your proposal and we'll meet to go over it together.


Absolutely! This is what makes our initial phone call so important. (And fun!) Each proposal is customized just for you. And if you see something in your proposal you want changed (or added) I will work closely with you until it's exactly how you want it. 

This is the beauty of providing custom proposals for each of my clients. If you feel that a second photographer isn't needed, one won't be provided. However, if your wedding is large or in multiple locations, it is recommended I bring one. We will always go over this information in more detail during our first consultation.

Once you've chosen which package you'd like to book in your proposal (you're provided two to choose from), I will email you access to your Client Portal where you'll sign your contract and pay your deposit. Deposits to secure dates on my calendar are 30% of your package total. Immediately after your signed contract and deposit are received, your date is booked!

I've been in business for 11 years and have posed hundreds of couples. Because I believe that your portrait time will be more enjoyable when you're relaxed and focused on each other, I do my best to work with couples from a slight distance. I provide direction when I see that it's needed, and the best photographs are produced when the couple trusts me to capture them in their element with their fiancé.

After you move forward with booking you'll have access to several questionnaires that I use to prepare for your wedding and portrait sessions. There is a spot in your questionnaire to provide me with special requests, that I wouldn't otherwise know to expect on your wedding day. Family Formals almost always flow through quickly, as I have a basic shot list memorized. And time will be allotted for your special requests. 

One thing that 2020 taught me was that I needed to be prepared for things to change, and to change quickly. Because of this, I have prepared a COVID-19 Policy that I've published to my website to inform you of how AAP Staff are following CDC guidelines and recommendations. Also, please refer to your contract for more information.

I typically photograph between 60-100 images per hour of coverage, depending on what's going on during your wedding day. All of your wedding images are carefully and lovingly culled through so I can present to you the absolute best way to tell your wedding story through your online gallery.

How can I get access to your pricing?

Are your proposals customized?

Do you bring assistants to weddings?

How can I book my date?

What is your approach to posing us for portraits?

Do you need a "shot list" from us?

What is your COVID policy?

How many images should we expect?

Yes! I do not outsource this task to a third party and I am proud to say that every single photographed captured during your wedding will be professionally edited by me. Each image is adjusted for color balance, exposure, and unwanted elements like blemishes or background touch-up. For more detail on the editing process, check out this blog post I wrote about what the editing process looks like.

A few weeks after you receive your online gallery of wedding images you'll receive an email from us containing the first proof of your wedding album. In your proof you'll be able to see, and request edits for your album before it's ever sent to the printer. Your album will be designed in a beautiful way that expertly tells the story of your wedding day, how it unfolded. Two revisions are included, and once your proof is approved by you, it's immediately sent to the printer.

Yes! If you're working with a wedding planner he/she and I will make sure to stay in touch with each other so we can finalize your timeline perfectly. You will also have access to an extremely detailed questionnaire at least 6 weeks before your wedding arrives, that I use to collect details about your day. The answers you provide in this questionnaire will help me craft your custom timeline.

After confirming your timeline with you or your wedding planner, I transfer it to my Apple Watch before we arrive. Once the transfer is made, my Watch will continue to alert me throughout the day to make sure we stay on time. There have been MANY weddings I've photographed that have run over schedule and it's been up to me to help move things forward quickly to catch up. Don't worry about your timeline! Your wedding planner and I will make sure that you are where you need to be as your wedding day unfolds.

For more information how I do this, check out this blog post!

Do you edit all of our photographs?

What should I expect with my wedding album design?

Do you create a timeline for portraits?

How is our timeline managed throughout the day?

It's become a habit of mine to watch the weather forecasts really closely the week leading up to your wedding day. And I've photographed numerous gorgeous weddings on days when it was raining. Although it might not be something we want to happen, I can certainly make sure your photographs are still beautiful. The clear umbrellas I keep in the trunk of my car (enough for you and your bridal party) helps with this. For more information for preparing for a rainy-day wedding, check out my blog post, here

How do you approach a rainy-day wedding?