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Finding a wedding photographer that works well with you and your fiancé, and has a style that compliments yours is such an important decision. Hopefully, our website will help you with that! I want nothing more than to make your experience an enjoyable and unforgettable one! Let's take some time to get to know each other a bit better... 


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Over the past 7 years of being in business I’ve learned a lot about myself and how my brain processes information so I can hit a stride with working on projects. I get distracted easily, so I can’t work with music or the TV on in the background. I have to stop for frequent breaks so give my brain a second to unload. I have a tendency to focus INTENSELY HARD on one single project all day long, otherwise I feel scattered. Even the smallest little thing out of place bothers me until I fix it.

Behind the Scenes, The Business of Photography

April 11, 2017

Ultimate Declutter List for Your Brain and Your Office

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There are so many different areas where you can optimize your YouTube channels, and each and every location is just as important as the one before and after it. If you can find a location to share the purpose of your channel, what you’re sharing, outbound links (website, social media, opt-in freebies, etc) then I would definitely suggest using it! Our video below takes you through my own YouTube channel so you’re able to see where you can update this.

How To's, The Business of Photography

March 2, 2017

How to Optimize your YouTube Channel for Keywords

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Sometimes I want to push certain images, videos, or post content to my Pinterest page so I can save them for later, or categorize them for my records. But how in the world do you easily save IG content to Pinterest? It’s pretty easy, actually!

How To's, The Business of Photography

February 23, 2017

How to Pin Images from Instagram

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We absolutely love sharing blog posts that prove to you that you can easily work with code without really knowing how to work with code! Today, we’re going to show you, step-by-step, how you can embed an Instagram post directly into your blog.

The Business of Photography

February 19, 2017

How to Embed Instagram Posts into Blog Posts

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Have you ever attempted to share your URL links to Facebook, only to get a post that doesn’t show your image, description, or link after you publish? Sometimes, this can happen because you recently made a major change to your theme, updated your titles and tags, or you have a brand new website that Facebook doesn’t recognize.

How To's, The Business of Photography, Videos

February 9, 2017

How to Force Facebook to Scrape your URL

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My husband works full time away from home, I work full time AT home, we both have two children and a household to run. In modern times you can probably see that our arrangement isn’t too out-of-the-norm. There are many families doing the same thing and working on finding routines and schedules that work best for them. If you ask my husband, he would probably tell you that I wake up too late and should be starting our day much sooner than I do. But my morning routine works for us.

If you’d like to find out why your preferred routine is different than a close friend or spouse, take this free quiz. Your chronotype could explain everything!

The Business of Photography

October 14, 2016

My Morning Routine

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